BARBARA CARFAGNA: Ethics in Journalism for a Clean Infosphere

Barbara Carfagna, born in Rome, a graduate in liberal-arts with full honours, and a violinist, turned to journalism in 1990. After cutting her teeth in local newspapers, she began to collaborate with dailies and weeklies until her first contract with the RAI in 1995. She did her TV training on the editorial staff of Mixer, under the direction of Giovanni Minoli, and then went on to the Tg1 news programme where she worked for the Prima newsmagazine, headed by David Sassoli. Under the direction of Lerner and Longhi, she moved to the editorial staff of Speciale Tg1, Frontiere, and Tv7 (for which, in 2002, she won the Ilaria Alpi prize for journalism for her reportage “Etiopia: le spose bambine”). Clemente Mimun then invited her to the news desk of Tg1. Riotta promoted her to presenter for the night edition of Tg1 and the Italia Italie programme about immigration. Currently she is a presenter and correspondent for Tg1. She is an active member of LILT, the Italian league for the fight against cancer.

She is on the governing board of the Vedrò think-tank as head of the “integration and careers” sector.